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Okanagan Denture Inc.
Kelowna's Denture Specialists

Friendly & Relaxed Office

Here at Okanagan Denture Inc., Our Professional Team prides it’s self on offering a happy, comfortable, and informative office. Our mission is to provide care and an enjoyable experience for all patients, as patient care is of the utmost importance to our denture clinic.

No Charge Consultation

Wondering what needs to be done to get you smiling again.  Come in to discuss your options for free. Your oral health can affect the health of the rest of your body; a well-made, correctly fitting denture allows you to chew naturally and enjoy all types of nutritious foods, which is a necessary part of maintaining overall health.  A poorly fitted denture, however, can cause painful sore spots inside the mouth and trauma to the oral tissues, as well as detract from your physical appearance and personal confidence.

We offer a no charge, no obligation consultation to all new patients seeking to address their current dental and prosthesis needs.  We will discover which Products And Services would be best for your unique situation. We can also provide you with the names of great local dentists in Kelowna for those with remaining natural dentition, as well as for those patients interested in dental implants.

Locally owned and operated Okanagan Denture Inc. has served patients in Kelowna and surrounding areas of British Columbia for more than 40 years, offering a full range of denture services designed to restore your oral health and functionality.

Here For You

Enjoy a friendly and relaxed office and take advantage of our no charge consultation.

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